Tom Penny

     Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. After completing a year of Visual and Creative Arts at Sheridan College, I received a certificate from the Art Fundamentals program and decided to pursue a career in tattooing.  After completing a 12 month apprenticeship at Mata Mata Studios in early 2010, I began tattooing.            

      After 5 years of tattooing at Mata Mata studios my time came to an end and time to take the next step in my career, and open a studio with Rob Vino and Sherlane White, Grey Harbour Tattoo. Hamilton is my hometown and theres no better place to show my support for our city. I don't really like to limit myself too much stylistically, but I do enjoy incorporating subject matter involving wildlife and nature. Send me an email under my contact section with your ideas and placement. I will get back to you with my earliest availability.

 Follow my updates and progress on Instagram @tompennytattoo 


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