Travel Dates

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Past Conventions and Guest Spots

NZ Tattoo Festival- New Plymouth, NZ
Australia International Tattoo Expo- Melbourne, AU
Northern Ink Exposure- Toronto, ON
Laval Bike and Tattoo Show- Laval, QC
Art Tattoo Montreal- Montreal, QC
Silverstate Tattoo Festival- Reno, NV
Art Tattoo Quebec- Quebec City, QC
Tattoo Nouvelle Ere- Montreal, QC

MTL Tattoo, Montreal, QC
Archive Tattoo, Toronto, ON
Kingsland Ink, Auckland, NZ
STR Tattoo, Wyong, AU
Ironmind Tattoo, Brunswick Heads, AU
Unkindness Art, Richmond, VA
Galaxy Tattoo II, Singapore
Gastown Tattoo, Vancouver, BC
Tiger Tattoo, Victoria, BC

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